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West Geauga High School
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Principal: Jay Bishop
Assistant Principal: Shawn Krippel
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Kat Magalski

This Kat is Out of the Bag

By Kat Magalski, Staff Writer
My past 4 years at West G seemed like the slowest 4 years of my life when I was living them, but now that the clock has finally ticked down to its last few minutes, I can’t help but think they went by in a flash. Just yesterday, it feels as if I was walking with my friends to biology and noticed that the “Harambe” mural had been painted over. A week ago feels like I was getting my first tour of the hallways as an 8th grader and couldn’t figure out how I was going to survive without getting lost. Last month feels as if I was still in elementary school, wishing to be in high school already. Now those days are all behind me, and it’s time to leave West Geauga in my past. 
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Jacob Solomon

King Solomon Shares His Gold

By Jacob Solomon, Staff Writer
 I remember setting my alarm for the first day of freshman year. I was so excited to meet new people and make forever friends. My adrenaline was rushing as I saw a bus with halogen lights brighten the edge of my driveway. This (I thought to myself) is the first day of high school.

Welcome to West G. A fairly small, yet wholesome - feeling high school nestled on the border of Cuyahoga and Geauga counties ! The students are friendly and hardworking. The staff is polite and professional but can also crack a few jokes now and again. The classes are tough, the stakes are high, and the air is thick with the drive to succeed.
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Anthony Waters

Tony Out

By Anthony Waters, Staff Writer
West Geauga High…such a roller coaster of events over the greatest 4 years of my life (so far). 
Coming into high school, I had no idea what to expect. I was about 4’11” and everyone looked like giants. To be honest, I was pretty nervous. After the first couple months you begin to feel yourself grow with the culture. I began making friends with upperclassmen who were there with (surprisingly) open arms. Teachers care about students and want what’s best for them…which was so nice. I played basketball my freshman year, which brought me close with so many people. Freshman year overall was a great opening into high school. 
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Harrison Gruber

Always a Wolverine

By Harrison Gruber, Staff Writer
These last 13 years have been a ride, and I can 100% say I made the most of it.  Not only has West Geauga taught me pretty much everything I know, but, more importantly, it has brought me together with all of my best friends.

It all started at Westwood Elementary back in the day. I can still picture it now. Me and my little, nervous 6 year old self hopping on the bus for half - day kindergarten.  I can truly say, not only at Westwood, but every school I’ve been to, I had a chance to learn from some of the nicest, most personable teachers out there. Westwood is my roots and brought me some of my closest friends to this day.  Starting out in elementary school, I was a little quiet, nervous kid. I still made friends easily and got along with everybody. Once 4th or 5th grade came around, though, I came out of my shell, which led to the next 7 years. 
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Cristal Robinson

Here's To You Ms. Robinson

By Cristal Robinson, Staff Writer
My West G experience all started out in the sixth grade when I came to West Geauga. At first I attended Richmond Heights. My parents sent me to West G because they heard how wonderful the school system is. My first day I was a little bit scared, but it turned out to be a good day. I remember it like yesterday; two girls walked up to me in the hallway and said hi to me. Although the school is not very diverse, it was very welcoming. The teachers at the middle school were very helpful and understanding. 
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Transcript Request

If you are a former graduate and requesting a high school transcript, please download, complete, and sign the following form and send it to:
Lisa Porter
Guidance Administrative Assistant
West Geauga High School
13401 Chillicothe Road
Chesterland, OH 44026
[email protected]
Fax# 440-729-5959
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If you graduated before 2000, please include a $3.00 processing fee that allows us to obtain your transcript from an offsite facility.


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