Board of Education

Board of Education

West Geauga Board of Education - President William Beers, Vice President Chester "Chet" Ramey, Ben Kotowski, Kathy Leavenworth, and Dan Thoreson.

West Geauga residents have entrusted the West Geauga Board of Education to facilitate the development of each student in order that he or she may reach academic and ethical excellence. The public has also charged the Board to apply fiscal prudence in the district’s quest to attain increasing excellence in the educational process. The West Geauga Board of Education is dedicated to this responsibility.

The Board consists of five members, each elected for staggered four-year terms by registered voters living in the district. Members are responsible for the following: establishing the policies that are carried out by the Superintendent and the administrative staff, evaluating the educational program and determining whether worthwhile objectives are being accomplished. The Board also makes the final decisions on how the revenue of the West Geauga Local Schools is spent and when the district needs to go to the voters for additional tax dollars through levies and/or bond issues.

The current members of the West Geauga Board of Education are President William Beers (term expires 12/31/23), Vice President Chet Ramey (term expires 12/31/21), and members Ben Kotowski (term expires 12/31/23), Kathy Leavenworth (term expires 12/31/23), and Dan Thoreson (term expires 12/31/21). The president and vice president are elected every January by the five-member Board.

The regular business meetings of the Board of Education are held at 7:00 p.m. in the West Geauga Board Office Community Room, 8615 Cedar Road in Chester Township (see schedule). All meetings are open to the public and media. A provision is made at each Board meeting to hear visitors wishing to speak on matters pertinent to the education of children in our schools. Anyone wishing to address the Board may do so during the Remarks of the Public. Upon request, West Geauga Local Schools will make reasonable accommodations for disabled persons who wish to participate in any of its activities.

Board Members

(440) 729-8237
Vice President  
Chet Ramey
(440) 338-6291 
(440) 759-0563
Kathy Leavenworth
(440) 338-5951
(440) 669-0671 

Policies and Bylaws

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Regular Meeting (Virtual)
Monday, July 13, 2020 @ 7pm
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