College Credit Plus (CCP)

College Credit Plus (CCP)

College Credit Plus (CCP) replaces Ohio’s Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program (PSEO). H.B. 487 was signed into law on June 16, 2014.  The CCP requires two conditions. One, the student must be enrolled in both college and high school. Two, the student will earn transcripted college and high school credit upon successful completion of the course. CCP Pathway Requirements will include a path where a West Geauga High School student can earn 15 transcripted credits or 30 transcripted credits.

The CCP opportunities will have no cost to the students while attending a public institution of higher learning. However, if a student fails to complete and pass a course the student and his or her parent/guardian will be financially obligated for the cost of the failed course.

A CCP intent form signed by the student and parent must be submitted to the counselors’ office by April 1, 2022 in order to be considered for this program. The form will be available online after the CCP Information Session on January 20, and available in the school counseling office. This intent form is mandated by the State of Ohio. It does not mean the student must participate in the program nor is it an application to attend an institution for higher learning.

Criteria for student participation will include: The recommendation to attend an informational session prior to participation; submitting the CCP Intent Form by April  1, 2022; filing an application to the college/university; submitting high school transcripts; and achieving a minimum score in English and Math on a ACCUPLACER, ACT, or SAT exam. The student and parent may also be required to attend a registration session at the specific college/university.

A student wishing to participate in this program must meet the college readiness standards presented by each institution of higher learning. A student electing to participate in CCP may not take more than thirty college credit hours during an academic year. A student may only participate in the CCP program for 120 credit hours.

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 3365.09(A), a district may seek reimbursement from a student or parent if the student fails to attain a passing final grade.

Current interpretation of this statute shall allow, but not require, a school district or nonpublic school as appropriate to seek reimbursement under the following two circumstances: 1) If the student receives a failing grade at the end of the college course; or 2) If the student withdraws from or drops the college course subsequent to the 14th calendar day after the particular course began. Pursuant to Section 3365.09(C), neither a school district nor a nonpublic school shall seek reimbursement if the student is identified as being economically disadvantaged in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 3333-1-65.6(B)(2).

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