What constitutes a West Geauga alumni status?

A West Geauga High School alumnus is defined as any person receiving a high school diploma from the West Geauga Local Schools. We also include retired members of the West Geauga schools and others that have been close to the West Geauga schools.

How can I update my address listing or personal information?

You can email [email protected] or by calling the office at 440-729-6812.

Where can I find contact information for a classmate?

We will forward on requests to those person(s) you are searching. We do want to respect the privacy of our WGHS graduates. There is a hard copy directory as well as a CD Rom version available for purchase through Harris Connect (866-783-7613)

Is there an official group for West Geauga alumni on Facebook?

We do have a West Geauga Alumni Association Group on Facebook. There may also be individual classes with group pages as well.

Can I get a tour of the school?

The WGAA offers personal and class tours of the West Geauga Schools by appointment. Please email or call us.

Where do my membership dues go?

All membership dues are placed in a general fund for your class. These funds may be used for future reunions.

Do you have a question not on this list? If so, then please email ([email protected]) or call (440-729-6812) the District Office. We would certainly like to help.

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