Buildings and Grounds Usage Requests


NOTE: We will be reopening West Geauga Main Campus, Westwood and Lindsey outside facilities to outside groups starting May 10, 2021, as a part of a phased plan to allow these opportunities. Please note that West Geauga Athletic and Academic programs take priority to requests from outside groups. We appreciate your understanding.
Thank you for your interest in our Facilities. Our buildings are valuable community assets and many community groups use them for meetings, athletics and events. We are glad to accommodate whenever we can. 
Please be sure to note the board approved group designations and fee schedules to the right. Board Policy PO7510 has been approved to give consistent guidelines for all of our interested groups and support organizations. 
IMPORTANT: We are well aware that cancellations or changes to time scheduled often happen on short notice for a variety of reasons. Please make sure to communicate those changes ASAP to the individuals below based on the space you have requested. Changes or cancellations affect staff working and other associated costs to the district. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have questions: 
For athletic fields and high school gymnasiums contact : 
Ben Stehura
For middle school athletics contact:
Frank Vosicky
For school building internal spaces contact:
Diane Martin

How to request a facility space

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