Master Planning

West Geauga Local Schools Master Plan

The Master Planning process is well underway in the West Geauga Local School District. Throughout the fall, the District held Facility Planning Committee Meetings and two large Community Meetings to engage residents in discussions and to tabulate their thoughts related to present and future facility needs of the district.

The results and corresponding recommendations were originally planned as a presentation by BSHM Architects, the firm that facilitated the Master Planning process, to the West Geauga Board of Education this month. That presentation has been delayed until the Board considers more fully the possible consolidation via Territory Transfer of the Newbury Local School District with either West Geauga or Berkshire Local Schools. Such consolidation would affect both the square footage of any potential construction as well as available funding.

At this time, the Master Plan has been presented to the West Geauga Board of Education by representatives of the Facility Planning Committee. It is awaiting further board action.

Recently, Dr. Markwardt updated the Board of Education on recommendations during the November 18, 2019 meeting. The slides are available to the right. 


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