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2021-2022 School Year


Welcome to West Geauga Local Schools! New student registration must be completed online for grades K-12. Parents and guardians are no longer required to visit the district Central Office for registration. However, if you do not have access to a computer or the internet, you can make an appointment to register your child with:


Sara Healey

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 440-729-6807




Ohio law requires that all children complete a formal kindergarten program. Children who are five years old on or before September 30th are eligible to attend kindergarten. Children must be at least six years old to enter first grade. 




Please gather electronic copies of the required items listed below before starting the online registration process. The electronic copies will be uploaded into the application.  


  • Each item must be scanned individually and saved to your computer.
  • If your document has multiple pages, they must be combined into one file.
  • All files must be under 3MB.   
  • As suggestions, if you do not have a scanner try downloading a free scanning app on your smartphone or tablet, or take a clear digital picture. 


If you do not have access to scan and upload documents, you can schedule an appointment to bring them to the Board of Education office by calling 440.729.5900.   

Items required:

  • Original or official birth certificate
  • Parent(s) driver’s license or photo ID
  • Proofs of residency 
    • One Primary Proof: Mortgage bill, deed, purchase/construction contract OR current signed rental/lease agreement with beginning and ending dates listing all occupants
    • Two Secondary Proofs: Current utility bill (electric, gas, cable, telephone), voter registration card, property tax statement, homeowners or renter’s insurance, paycheck or pay stub or receipt of recent utility installation showing name and address.  
    • Property Owner Affidavit Form: If you are living with a family member or friend who is the owner of the home within the district, the owner must complete a Property Owner Affidavit.  The form must be notarized.  Proof of residency as listed above is also needed from the homeowner.  
      Click here for the form.
    • 90-Day Clause Form: If you are in the process of moving into the district but the sale has not closed, or you are building a home that is not yet complete, you must provide a 90-Day Clause form indicating you have 90 days to provide the district with all proofs of residency outlined above. You must provide a purchase agreement or building contract with registration.
      Click Here for the form.
  • Legal documentation of custody (if applicable)  
  • Immunization History form completed by the pediatrician.
    Click Here for the form.
  • Current IEP and ETR/MFE (if applicable)
  • Current 504 Plan (if applicable)
  • Current gifted WEP/WAP (if applicable)
  • Current English Language Learner (ELL) documentation (if applicable)

Please also have the following information available before you begin: 

  • Household information - address and phone numbers
  • Parent Information - work and cell phone numbers, email addresses
  • Student Information – demographic, health/medication information
  • Emergency contact - names and phone numbers for those other than parents/guardians.

 EXISTING FAMILIES ENROLLING A NEW STUDENT – if you currently have an existing student within the West Geauga Local School District, please log into the Parent Portal in Infinite Campus and click 'More' in the bottom left corner and then on the Required Online Forms link to register a new student. All the above information will be required if applicable for each newly enrolled student.
Click the link below to get started! (Online Registration must be done on a computer - not a phone or a tablet)








A tutorial video can be viewed here

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