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George Mason @ Cleveland State

The Cleveland State "Vikings" played the George Mason "Masons" on November 11, 2006 at 3:30pm. The game was a nail biter untill the end. Even though the Vikings gave it their best effort the Masons pulled the 4th quarter comeback off and won 79-74. However the halftime show was the main event. Our West Geauga mascot the "Wolverine" was previewed during halftime. He attended the game with 3 other high school mascots (Chagrin Falls "Tigers", Lakewood "Rangers" and Mayfield "Wildcats" ), "C.B" of the Browns and CSU mascot "Vike". The mascots played a exhibition basketball game. The Wolverine,Wildcat and Vike were on a team and the Tiger, C.B. and the Ranger were on another team. The "Wolverine" made the only basket of the game!



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