WGMS Volleyball

2020/21 Season


There are 23 7th grade girls and 11 8th grade girls that are currently in Final Forms interested in playing.  That means that there will be cuts.  Typically 10-12 girls are kept on a team.  The girls will be evaluated by all coaches and high school coaches will also be coming down to watch some sessions.


Begins August 3rd

All girls will have to be in a pod of 9 players and 1 coach.  That may change in the coming week, or it may not.  We have to plan for the most restrictive setting.

What needs to happen at this time is that we need to put the girls into a one-hour time slot.  That will stay the same each day (Monday through Friday) so they are in the same group.  Although they will be assigned to a coach in that time slot, the other coaches will also be in the gym evaluating.  I need families to notify me ONLY IF there is a time slot that absolutely does not work for them.  Please be as flexible as you can so we can make this happen for the girls.  

I will be working on this throughout the week and will email families on Friday to let them know what their time slot is.  The available times are 3:00-4:00, 4:15-5:15, 5:30-6:30, and 6:45-7:45.

These are considered tryouts each day.  The girls do not need to attend every day, but the coaches do need to see each player as much as possible to determine if their skill level places them on a team.

If a player cannot make any of the tryout dates, they will not be able to be on the team this year.  The team will be announced on Saturday by an individual email.  Once the teams are made, practices will be in the afternoon until school starts and then will be right after school when it is in session.

Physicals must be brought to the first practice or athletes cannot start.  

There will also be a parent meeting at some point within the first 2 weeks.

Volleyball players will enter the physical education doors, which are just west of the main entry.  They will have access to only the girls’ locker room and the gym.


Applies to all members of WGMS volleyball teams:

1. Wear masks to and from practice and keep masks on until told by coaches that they are not needed during practice/games.

2. Bring symptoms screening checklist to each practice.

3. Keep 6 feet of distance from other members.

4. Bring plenty of water.

5. Come to practice dressed and ready since locker rooms will not be available.

6. Make sure there are no spectators for practices.

7. Sanitize hands and equipment frequently.

If you have any questions, please contact the coaches or athletic director.

Coaching Contacts

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