6th and 7th Grade Grade Social Studies

Sixth Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies

Regions and People of the Eastern Hemisphere 

      In grade six, students study the Eastern Hemisphere (Africa, Asia, and Europe), its geographic features, early history, cultural development, and economic change. Students learn about the development of river civilizations in Africa and Asia, including their governments, cultures, and economic systems. The geographic focus includes the study of contemporary regional characteristics, the movement of people, products and ideas, and cultural diversity. Students develop their understanding of the role of consumers and the interaction of markets, resources, and competition 

7th Grade Social Studies 

WORLD STUDIES from 1000 B.C. to 1750: Ancient Civilizations Through the First Global Age – World Studies is an examination of the major political, social, economic, and cultural events and trends that shaped the world from 1000 B.C. through 1750. Students begin the four-year historical sequence with the study of the ancient world. This study incorporates each of the seven Ohio Academic Content Standards into the chronology. Students learn that each historic event is shaped by its geographic setting, the culture of the people, economic conditions, governmental decisions, and citizen action. Students also expand their command of social studies skills and methods. 

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