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Welcome to my website for my third grade classroom!  I'm excited about getting a new school year under way. I am in the process of rebuilding my website, so please be patient as I continue to work through it.  There are many helpful links on the main page for your use.  Please visit this site often as we progress through the school year.  


Google Classroom 

Math Links & Review Materials

pattern blocks

interactive 3D shapes

area and perimeter interactive

Dogbone - hundred chart game

practice math facts

math enrichment activities

division fact practice


Kung Fu Angles

measure the angle

parallel and intersecting lines

lines,line segments,and rays

math enrichment


elapsed time videos

elapsed time practice

worksheet maker

Equivalent Fractions

Fling the Teacher

Long division lesson

Division demonstration

Brain Teasers/Problem Solving

Cool Math

virtual manipulatives

factor tree

Everyday Math games

Everyday Math lesson games

pattern blocks

Area and Perimeter PowerPoint

pattern blocks

number grid

Geometry Review.ppt


factor tree powerpoint

Math-unit 1 Vocabulary Review


Fairy Tale facts

Cinderella stories

American Folklore

Fables Lesson

central message


First Day Jitters

Dictionary Skills

Summer Reading Log


cause and effect practice

Idiom video

Jabberwocky - The Muppets


making inferences

fiction vs. nonfiction practice

Phonics games

Elements of a Story - Interactive

Elements of Fiction - advanced

Readers' Theatre scripts

Readers' Theatre scripts by grade level

Readers' Theatre scripts - timeless teacher

Readers' Theatre scripts - Teachingheart

Readers' Theatre scripts - Whootie Owl

readers' theatre scripts - Aaron Shephard

main idea

Context Clues

figurative language

point of view

literary elements



Stories Online


Reading Test Practice

Author's Purpose

Fiction Book Report Form

Cause and Effect

Parts of a Non-Fiction Book

reading test game -Big Board game



reading test vocabulary practice

Conflict within a Plot

Elements of a Plot Diagram


Concrete Poems

writing an email

topic sentence lesson

topic sentence

Noun Basketball

Magnetic Poetry

Poetry Writing

Poetry Contest

PBS Writing Contest


ACE Writing

persuasive essay

simple subject and predicate game

Kinds of Sentences

Persuasive Writing

Grammar Gorillas


Social Studies

world cultures

Cleveland's Ethnic Heritage

Election Webquest

Time for Kids Election

Cleveland History

Geauga County History information

Museum Box

Geauga County website

Geauga County history and government

Ohio government

Government Webquest

Famous Ohioans


World facts

National geographic for kids - countries

Cultural studies

Chester Township

Schoolhouse Rock - U.S. Constitution

compass game

Social Studies links

Harcourt textbook

immigration eyewitness to history


Immigration to New York

Revolutionary War - easy to read

Revolutionary War information

Revolutionary War Webquest

British Battles

Kids Info - colonies

thirteen colonies webquest

Thirteen Colonies

The Colonies webquest

Explorers - Thinkquest



US State matching game

US State puzzle

Immigration Webquest

immigration links

immigration - good site!

immigration - ethnic groups

government - Kids Discover

Chapter 6 review

community collage

unit 1 review - grade 3

chapter 1 - grade 3

Chapter 8 powerpoint review

Chapter 8 study guide

newspaper template

Chapter 6 Jeopardy

Chapter 6 study guide

Chapter 6, lessons 4 & 5

Chapter 6, lesson 3

Chapter 6, lesson 2

Chapter 6, lesson 1

Chapter 4 Review

chapter 4, lesson 4 review

Chapter 4, lesson 3 review

chapter 4, lesson 2

Chapter 4, lesson 1 review

Chapter 3 review

Chapter 3, lesson 4

Chapter 3, lesson 3

Chapter 3, lesson 2

Chapter 3, Lesson 1 Review

Chapter 2 study guide

Chapter 2, Lesson 1 review

Chapter 1 Jeopardy Review

Chapter 1, lesson 3 & 4 review

Chapter 1, lesson 2 grade 5.ppt

Chapter 1, lesson 5


Mixtures and Solutions


Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Good egg candling pictures

candling eggs

Chick Development


Chicken and Egg

Bill Nye - Forces video


Bill Nye - Phases of Matter video

States of Matter

Physical and Chemical Changes

Interactive Rock Cycle

rock cycle and more

virtual pond

pond habitats

Ohio birds

Ohio Habitats

Ohio Habitats - video

Design a habitat game

Animal Classification


Newton's Laws of Motion

science netlinks


Bubble Video

Bill Nye - The Earth's Crust

science fair projects

Harcourt textbook

Chicken or the Egg

Conserving Resources - vocabulary

Rocks and Minerals Study Guide

Animals - chapter 3 review

Force and Motion review

chapter 2 review

Conserving Resources

jeopardy-rocks and minerals.ppt

Getting Ready for Science- review